Quite Continental/ A Beaded Shawl Pattern from Boo Knits

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We can now offer this pattern as either a downloadable PDF version or as a hard copy printed out and mailed to you -- your choice. The printed copy is more expensive as it is set to allow for printing costs and shipping fees. 


Oh, what a charming design!

A new beauty from Bev of Boo Knits -- this one is quite lovely indeed. Here is how she describes it:

"A kiss on the hand might be 'Quite Continental' but this has diamonds too -- and it is destined to be your best friend!

"This delightfully, pretty little shawl is scattered with little crystal beads that glisten like diamonds and whether you choose to knit this in night sky colours, ocean hues, summer brights or the intense heat of the fiery realm of colours, you will look a million dollars in this -- Marilyn would love it!"


Bev has written the Quite Coninental pattern so as to allow you as the knitter to make all sorts of choices, allowing for a variety of yarn weight as well as bead sizes. You can select what appeals to you and make a shawl which is truly your own.

The gorgeous fuchsia shawl and the gloriously sophisticated amethyst one that you see on these pages were both knit using a light fingering weight yarn -- Zen Garden's Serenity Silk +, between 395 and 450 yards. And 420 glowing 6/0 beads to add their diamond beauty.

Alternatively, the rich burgundy shawl was knit in a lace weight yarn (Zen Yarn Garden's Serenity Lace) and 8/0 beads (632 of them) --- the result absolutely stupendous. This one repeated some rows in order to give it size. Thus with the additional beads needed, Bev had some concern that size 6/0s might end up too heavy and that the 8/0s would better serve the piece. However, you will want beads that will stand out and glow -- it is all about diamonds, after all. And size 6/0s might work just fine and look truly amazing.

This is such a fun design! Our test knitters had a ball making it and were really pleased with how it came out. The fuchsia shawl ended up as 80” (204cm) wide along top edge, 17” (43cm) deep, after blocking. The amethyst one had a finished size of 62" (158cm) along the top edge and 17" (43cm) deep, after blocking. And the burgundy one ended up being 70” (178cm) wide along top edge, 17.5” (44cm) deep when blocked.

There are a few close-up photos we posted here that will appear when you click on some of these pictures -- the beads truly add a gem-like beauty to each style.


We have been working on putting together some great kits for this design -- we will be offering a few that are exactly duplicating the yarn and beads you see here in the originals and some others that really just take off on glorious color and shine.

So check back in just a little while if kits intrigue you --- they certainly ease you into a wonderfully beautiful way to play!

Oh! And before I forget --- we have set up a special support thread on our Ravelry group. Go to our Ravelry forum and join in the talk (and fun).