Three Quarter Time/ Special Beaded Version/Mary White Pattern

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We can now offer this pattern as either a downloadable PDF version or as a hard copy printed out and mailed to you -- your choice. The printed copy is more expensive as it is set to allow for printing costs and shipping fees. 


Mary White had created a beautiful shawl pattern which she calls Three Quarter Time. I fell madly in love with it and we started talking back and forth about the possibility of adding beads to the pattern. Mary thought this a great idea and so this exclusive-to-Earth-Faire- version was born!

Here is how Mary describes the shawl:

"Blossoms and leaves waltz together in this crescent shaped shawl featuring the Estonian Blossom Stitch pattern and a pleasing balance of lace with bead accents. Beginning with a provisional cast on and knitted top down, three sets of leaf clusters with beaded tips are introduced to the first spray of blossoms. As the dance continues, side, center and overall increases and decreases lead on the right side followed with a purl return row, providing both excellent drape and radial symmetry. Repeating sets of beaded leaves and triple blossoms enhance the outer edge on the full style shawl for which the pattern was written.

"Instructions for an alternate leaf edging with an I-cord bind off are included.

"Suitable for any occasion, the pattern is size adjustable in four sizes from small to extra large. The final row of the Blossom Edge shawl is knitted with a simple, stretch bind off method and blocking of the finished project is easy with moderate stretching. Instructions are given in both written and chart form with details on bead placement, abbreviations and knitting the pattern to completion. Knowledge of lace increases and decreases is required to knit this pattern."


Mary has added lovely small 8/0 beads to add a wonderful glow without overwhelming the piece. Requiring lace weight yarn, there are four sizes possible via this one pattern.

The medium size has a 56" Wingspan, 28" Depth after blocking and relaxed while the small size has a Wingspan 45" and 25" Depth after blocking and relaxed. Mary lists on the pattern that the size small needs approx. 600 yards light lace weight, 2 ply yarn and the medium needs approx. 900 yards light lace weight, 2 ply yarn. If you start with 900 yards of yarn, you will have plenty for either of these two sizes (the one shown in the photos here is a small).

Additional yardage is required for both Large and X Large sizes and stated in pattern -- an additional 350 yards needed for the large and an additional 700 yards needed for extra large size.

Most of these sizes, the small, medium and large version of the Three Quarter Time shawl can be made with any of our "normal" 4-skein lace weight Eos or Selene Gradiance sets and look amazing. The bands of color would gradually get thinner, as with other Gradiance projects -- the finished piece would be stunning.

The photos here all show the look that one gets using the Gradiance sets -- the first five show one specially made for this shawl and with the beads added. The last two are simply a "usual" one in Eos, done with no beads and is there to give an idea of how the colors fall.

All that is needed is one container of 8/0 beads for well more than enough for any of these sizes. You'll also need one of the very thin crochet hooks to add them to your knitting with (they are here on our website in the Needles & Hooks section).

What a marvelous creation! This will be passed down through the generations and cherished, no doubt about it.